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Baby diaper machine tools use upkeep management


Among the attributes of the equipment management of baby diaper machine business in my country is to carry out the equipment usage and upkeep management system of "assimilation of unique teams". This system initial needs the standard skills training of equipment procedure, including "3 great", "four meetings" and also "five disciplines".

1 to baby diaper machine use devices of" 3 great" requirements

( 1) To manage the devices, the driver should be in charge of keeping the infant diaper devices made use of by himself, as well as other individuals are not enabled to run and also utilize it without the permission of the leader.

( 2) Profit the devices as well as purely implement the operation and also upkeep laws as well as process laws, and do not overload the equipment. Uncivilized operations are restricted.

( 3) After repairing the tools and equipment, the operators must accept the maintenance workers to repair the equipment, remove tools failures in time, as well as deliver the tools as planned.

2 "4 Meetings" Needs for the Fundamental Skills of baby diaper machine Operators

( 1) Operators who recognize how to use ought to initially learn devices procedure and also maintenance treatments, as well as be familiar with devices efficiency, transmission, and also framework principles. Recognize the handling technology and tooling tools, and make use of the tools appropriately.

( 2) Will maintain, apply and also learn devices china baby diapers/nappies manufacturer upkeep and lubrication guidelines, refuel at leave work, tidy after job, as well as frequently keep the within as well as beyond the tools tidy as well as in good condition.

( 3) Will certainly inspect and also recognize the framework, efficiency and also susceptible parts of the infant diaper devices utilized by themselves, know with the things, criteria as well as techniques of day-to-day inspection as well as honesty inspection, and be able to perform day-to-day inspection according to the specified demands.

( 4) Be able to troubleshoot and also be familiar with the characteritics of the tools utilized, understand the safety measures for disassembly and setting up, identify uncommon and normal phenomena of the tools, as well as make general changes and straightforward troubleshooting. Problems that can not be addressed on their own ought to be reported in time and removed in cooperation with upkeep workers.

3. The "5 Self-controls" of baby diaper machine Operators

1) Carry out the appointment of people as well as devices, use the equipment with the operation certification, and abide by the security operation guidelines.

2) Constantly maintain the tools tidy as well as refuel according to policies to guarantee practical lubrication,

3) Observe the change system.

4) Good devices as well as pieces need to not be lost

5) Right away quit and also inspect if any type of irregularity is discovered, and notify the appropriate employees to inspect and also manage the problems that can not be managed on their own.

baby diaper machine's "3 good", "four meetings" and also "five techniques" are the basis for enterprise tools management, and also this system should be strictly complied with.


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